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Here you can find post from all of our events that we are able to record.  Some are just audio files and when available a PDF outline of the presentation.  Select which series you would like to go to from the options below.



Emmaus Gatherings

Emmaus Gathering Presentations

10.28.17 Emmaus Gathering SERIES 10.28.17 Emmaus Gathering

Emmaus Gathering

9.23.17 Emmaus Gathering SERIES 9.23.17 Emmaus Gathering

Emmaus Gathering
Kevin H and Gordy D

Talk #7 SERIES Talk #7

4.8.17 Emmaus Gathering
Dan Smith
Talk #7

Talk #6: Vocation of Marriage SERIES Talk #6: Vocation of Marriage

3.11.17 Emmaus Gathering
Ed & Leslie Gross
Vocation of Marriage

Talk #5 SERIES Talk #5

2.18.17 Emmaus Gathering
Fr. Philip Merdinger
Talk #5

Talk #4: Discerning My Vocation SERIES Talk #4: Discerning My Vocation

1.14.17 Emmaus Gathering
Christina Smith
Discerning My Vocation

Talk #3: Discerning God's Will SERIES Talk #3: Discerning God's Will

12.10.16 Emmaus Gathering
Christina Smith
Discerning God's Will

Talk #2: Particular Vocation SERIES Talk #2: Particular Vocation

11.12.16 Emmaus Gathering
Ryan O'Hara
Talk #2: Particular Vocation

Talk #1: Vocation: Universal Call SERIES Talk #1: Vocation: Universal Call

Vocation: Universal Call
Ryan O'Hara

9.16.16 Gathering SERIES 9.16.16 Gathering

9.16.16 Emmaus Gathering
Sam Schoenfelder