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Here you can find post from all of our events that we are able to record.  Some are just audio files and when available a PDF outline of the presentation.  Select which series you would like to go to from the options below.


Others in this Series

Season of Life 2 SERIES' Season of Life 2

Theme: Family Culture
MC: David Bursey
Speaker: Ryan & Jill O'Hara

Lent SERIES' Lent

3.3.19 OGCG
Leader: Kevin Hadsall
Speaker: Fr. Philip Merdinger

Seasons of Life 2 SERIES' Seasons of Life 2

Theme: Large Rocks
MC: David & Karen Groppel
Speakers: David…

Seasons of Life 1 SERIES' Seasons of Life 1

MC: Dan & Clare Kolar
Speakers: Karl & Renee Hendrickson

Living on Mission SERIES' Living on Mission

2.3.19 OGCG
Leader: Jeff Wald
Speaker: Ryan O'Hara

+ Ennie and Cana’s…

CCR & NET Missionaries SERIES' CCR & NET Missionaries

1.6.19 OGCG
Leader: Sam Schoenfelder
Member Testimonies

Advent SERIES' Advent

12.2.18 OGCG
Leader: Peter DeMarais
Speaker: Jim Hastings

Underway Commitments SERIES' Underway Commitments

11.4.18 OGCG
Leader: David Groppel
Speaker: Gordy DeMarais

Seasons of Life Kickoff SERIES' Seasons of Life Kickoff

MC: Gordy DeMarais
Season 1: Jeff & Jackie Wald
Season 2: David…

Gratitude SERIES' Gratitude

10.7.18 OGCG
Leader: Craig Peine
Speaker: Mark Berchem

September Sharings SERIES' September Sharings

9.9.18 OGCG
Leader: Jeff Wald
Speaker: Gordy DeMarais and others

Christian Growth and Maturity SERIES' Christian Growth and Maturity

8.5.18 OGCG
Leader: Kevin Hadsall
Speaker: Jim Hastings

Call to Discipleship and Community SERIES' Call to Discipleship and Community

7.8.18 OGCG
Leader: David Groppel
Speakers: Jeff & Jackie Wald

Giving our Lives to God SERIES' Giving our Lives to God

6.17.18 OGCG
Leader: Peter DeMarais
Speaker: Dr. Jim Kolar

Saints or Citizens SERIES' Saints or Citizens

5.6.18 OGCG
Leader: Gordy DeMarais
Speaker: Mark Berchem

Retreat Sharings SERIES' Retreat Sharings

4.22.18 GCG
Leader: Craig Peine
Sharings from YES Retreat, Women's & Men's…

The Heart of Change SERIES' The Heart of Change

3.4.18 OGCG
Ryan O'Hara
The Heart of Change

Tithing SERIES' Tithing

2.18.18 GCG
Tithing Talk
Jim Hastings

Coordinator Installation SERIES' Coordinator Installation

2.4.18 OGCG
Coordinator Installation
Gordy DeMarais

Community Update SERIES' Community Update

1.21.18 GCG
A Community Update
By Jim Kolar & Bill Schmitzer

The Value of Community SERIES' The Value of Community

1.7.18 OGCG
The Value of Community
Talk by Fr. Philip Merdinger

Advent and Hope SERIES' Advent and Hope

Kevin H and Gordy D

The Examen Prayer SERIES' The Examen Prayer

OGCG The Examen Prayer
Led by Sam S, Talk by Christina S

Lessons from the Lifeboat SERIES' Lessons from the Lifeboat

10.22.17 GCG
Jim Hastings
Lessons from the Lifeboat

Tossing in the Mat SERIES' Tossing in the Mat

10.8.17 OGCG
Mark Berchem
Tossing in the Mat

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrNJtFivlCM

Annual Report SERIES' Annual Report

OGCG 9.10.17
David G
Speakers Al K and and Gordy D

The Plan, The Power, and The Pattern SERIES' The Plan, The Power, and The Pattern

7.26.17 GCG
Ryan O'Hara
The Plan, The Power, The Pattern

The Battle For Our Minds SERIES' The Battle For Our Minds

6.28.17 GCG
Jim Hastings
The Battle For Our Minds

Prayer Meeting with SPO SERIES' Prayer Meeting with SPO

6.7.17 GCG
Sam Schoenfelder
Prayer Meeting with SPO

Covenant Commitments SERIES' Covenant Commitments

5.7.17 OGCG
Gordy DeMarais
Public Covenant Commitments

Bearing One Another's Burdens SERIES' Bearing One Another's Burdens

4.23.17 GCG
Ed Gross
Bearing One Another's Burdens

Loving Brothers and Sisters SERIES' Loving Brothers and Sisters

4.2.17 OGCG
Jim Kolar
Loving Brothers and Sisters in a Time such as This

Hebrews 4:14-16 SERIES' Hebrews 4:14-16

3.5.17 OGCG
Fr. Philip Merdinger
Hebrews 4:14-16

Meditate & Memorize Scripture SERIES' Meditate & Memorize Scripture

2.5.17 OGCG
Ryan O'Hara
Meditate & Memorize Scripture

Encouragement SERIES' Encouragement

1.8.17 OGCG
Mark Berchem

Covenant Hope SERIES' Covenant Hope

12.18.16 GCG
Jim Hastings
Covenant Hope

Hospitality SERIES' Hospitality

12.4.16 OGCG
Dan & Clare Kolar

Living with Abandon SERIES' Living with Abandon

11.6.16 OGCG
Dave Hughes
Living with Abandon

Faithfulness & Loyalty SERIES' Faithfulness & Loyalty

10.2.16 OGCG
Ed Gross
Faithfulness & Loyalty

Intro to Community Conference SERIES' Intro to Community Conference

9.11.16 OGCG
Jim Kolar
Intro to Community Conference

How to Actually Share Your Faith SERIES' How to Actually Share Your Faith

7.27.16 Summer GCG
How to Actually Share Your Faith
Ryan O'Hara

Community on Mission SERIES' Community on Mission

7.13.16 Summer GCG
Community on Mission
David Groppel

Mission SERIES' Mission

6.8.16 Summer GCG
Matt Karr

Covenant Commitments SERIES' Covenant Commitments

5.22.16 OGCG
Covenant Commitments
Brian Fischer

Encountering Merciful Love SERIES' Encountering Merciful Love

4.3.16 OGCG
Encountering Merciful Love
Gordy DeMarais

Obedience Reflections during Holy Week SERIES' Obedience Reflections during Holy Week

3.20.16 GCG
Obedience Reflections during Holy Week
Fr. Philip Merdinger

Commitment SERIES' Commitment

2.14.16 OGCG
Ed Gross

Renunciation SERIES' Renunciation

3.6.16 OGCG
Jim Kolar

Mercy SERIES' Mercy

1.3.16 OGCG
Ryan O'Hara

One-on-One Meeting SERIES' One-on-One Meeting

12.6.15 OGCG
One-on-One Meeting
Mark Berchem

Being Drawn to Jesus SERIES' Being Drawn to Jesus

11.22.16 GCG
Being Drawn to Jesus
Jim Kolar