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Here you can find post from all of our events that we are able to record.  Some are just audio files and when available a PDF outline of the presentation.  Select which series you would like to go to from the options below.



Covenant Gatherings

Various topics discussed at Covenant Gatherings

Annual Report SERIES Annual Report

Leader: Gordy DeMarais
Annual Report: Al Kraling

Winter Covenant GCG SERIES Winter Covenant GCG

Leader: Ed Gross
Sharings: David Bursey, Jerome Meeds, Gordy…

Fall Financial Update SERIES Fall Financial Update

Leader: Mark Berchem
Speakers: Gordy DeMarais;
Al Kraling

Pentecost Covenant GCG SERIES Pentecost Covenant GCG

Leader: Jim Hastings
Speaker: Gordy DeMarais

Report and Exhortation SERIES Report and Exhortation

Report and Exhortation
Led by Ed Gross, Gordy D, and John Y

Ideals, Practices, Requirements SERIES Ideals, Practices, Requirements

2.19.17 Covenant Gathering
Al Kraling, Jim Kolar, David Groppel

Annual Report & Exhortation SERIES Annual Report & Exhortation

Covenant Gathering - 11.20.16
Al Kraling & Gordy DeMarais
Intro, Words,…

Coordinator Installation SERIES Coordinator Installation

12.20.15 Covenant Gathering
Coordinator Installations
Gordy DeMarais