Primary service roles areas include:

  • Set-Up/Clean-Up Leader
  • Hospitality Leader
  • Projection
  • Sound
  • Music Ministry
  • Usher
  • Environment
  • Prayer Room
  • Liturgy
  • Pastoral Worker
  • Scout Leader/Little Flowers/G1/Youth Group/SFC/Religious Ed.

You are scheduled to serve in the area you choose about 4 times per year (sometimes a little more or less based on each specific area).

Who should sign up:
All CCR members with Initial, Underway, or Covenant commitments are required, as a part of that commitment, to serve in at least one area.  All except members of the Emmaus District, because their service is handled internally. We encourage those in the other three Districts who serve in an area that requires less than two hours a month to sign up for more than one area.

How to sign up:
Choose your Primary Service HERE for 2019-2020 by Monday, July 1st!