Event Service

This is the service in Hospitality, Set-up/Clean-up and a few miscellaneous ways for events.  Pastoral Groups used to simply be assigned to this service throughout the year, but often times this did not work well for people’s schedules.  This service is now organized as a Sign-up Genius sign-up so that you can choose the dates that work well for your schedule.  Each community member signs up for two time slots of service periodically through the year and this service averages out to 4-5 times per year.

Who should sign up?

All CCR members with Initial, Underway, or Covenant commitments are required, as a part of that commitment, to serve regularly. Service in the Emmaus District is handled internally, and therefore members are not required to volunteer under these sign-ups (but are very welcomed to if they so desire!).

Please note that this is a completely different area of service than your Primary Service Ministry. So even if you are already a Pastoral Worker, Hospitality Lead, Religious Ed teacher, etc, it is still part of your commitment to also help with Event Service a couple times a year. 

The only exceptions are if you are a Coordinator, District Servant, or have a circumstance you have passed by your Pastoral Leader.

Feb - Aug 2019 Sign Up Genius Link: CLICK HERE