There are two types of service that every
community member is asked to participate in:
  • Primary Service Ministry:  This is serving on a team in a certain area of community i.e. Ushering, Projector, Set-up/Clean-up Lead, Hospitality Lead, Music, Pastoral Worker, Youth Group, etc…You are scheduled to serve in the area you choose about 4 times per year (sometimes more or less based on each specific area).
  • Secondary Event Service:  This is the service in Hospitality, Set-up/Clean-up and a few miscellaneous ways for Events.  This service is now organized as a Sign-up Genius sign-up so that you can choose the dates that work well for your schedule.  Each community member signs up for two time slots of service periodically through the year and this service averages out to 4-5 times per year.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email Aimee  or ask your pastoral leader.
As always, thank you to everyone who serves in various ways so faithfully!