Overview of Service in CCR (updated Summer 2019)


There are two different types of service that Community members are both asked to participate in: 

  • Primary Service Ministry:  This is serving on a trained team in a certain area of Community. (i.e. Ushering, Projector, Set-up/Clean-up Lead, Hospitality Lead, Music, Pastoral Worker, Youth Group, Religious Ed, etc)

              o   Signups happen once per year over the summer and the commitment is for the following year.

              o   We encourage those that serve less often to sign up for more than one Primary Service if they are able!                      Many members do. 

  • Secondary Event Service:  This being an extra set of hands to help pull off our events! Show up with no training needed and someone will show you how to help with Hospitality, Set-up/Clean-up, and a few other miscellaneous tasks.  

              o   This service is organized as a Sign-up Genius sign-up so that you can choose the dates that work well                          for your schedule. 

              o   Each community member signs up for two time slots of service per bi-annual signup, so 4 times per                            year total.


Who is Expected to Serve 

All CCR members with Initial, Underway, or Covenant Commitments are required, as a part of that commitment, to serve regularly. However: 

  • If you are a participant in Emmaus or the Young Married Program: you are more than welcome to signup for Primary or Event Service but you are not required to do so. Your service is handled internally. If you have an Underway Commitment in Emmaus you should still sign up.
  • If you are in another district but serve in Emmaus: Your service in Emmaus is your Primary Service (as a Pastoral worker or leadership). You should still sign up for Event Service unless you pastor 3 or more members, lead a small group, or are in T1 or T2 leadership.
  • Some leadership roles are exempt from Event Service due to the extended amount of time they spend serving as their Primary Service. These include:

              o   Coordinators & Women’s Leadership Team

              o   District & Seasons of Life Teams

              o   CCR Staff & any members in SPO/NET missionary positions

  • If you need to seek an exemption from service: please see the Exemption Process section below.
  • If you have any questions about if/where you should be serving: email Aimee (aimee@ccredeemer.org).


Exemption Process 

If you are not in a place to be able to serve right now, we ask that you get a service exemption from the pastoral system (could apply to Primary Service, Event Service, or both).The process is as follows: 

  1. Talk to your Pastoral Leader. Explain your situation to them and why you are seeking exemption.
  2. They will pass it on to your District Team to be approved.
  3. Either your District Team or Pastoral Leader will get back to you and let you know if your exemption was approved.
  4. Each district will give their list of exempt members to the office.
  5. You must renew this exemption every year, even if your situation hasn’t changed. 

Our goal with this change is to keep everyone accountable so that no one falls through the cracks. In the past, once you ended up on our exempt list, there wasn’t a follow-up process in place. It should also encourage communication with your pastoral leader, and possibly help find an area of service that works better for you! 

If you need to, please talk to your Pastoral Leader to seek a 2019-2020 exemption from service by July 1st. 

Some typical reasons to seek exemption:

  • Physical injury, chronic illness
  • Mothers who have had a baby in the past 6 months (this is an automatic exemption, but please still go through the pastoral system)
  • Age (if you’re 65+ we won’t chase you down if you don’t volunteer, but it’s still helpful to go through the pastoral system if you can’t serve)
  • Personal situation (at discretion of PL & District Team) 

Members exempt from Event Service due to their extended service in other areas:

  • Coordinators & Women’s Leadership Team
  • District & Seasons of Life Teams
  • CCR Staff
  • Emmaus PW’s serving 3 or more members, Emmaus Small Group leaders, and Emmaus T1 & T2 leadership.


Signup Dates for 2019-2020

-       June 19 – July 1: Sign up for Primary Service Ministry

-       July: Service Schedule is emailed out (for service areas such as Hospitality lead, Music Team, Sound, Projection, etc, this is when you find out when you are scheduled to serve at events) and/or your Service Leaders will be in touch with details/training.

-       August: Sign up for Event Service

-       September 1st: New schedules and teams are in effect. 


As You Sign Up:

Please take a minute to understand what you are signing up for, and the level of commitment involved. Every year we have people sign up for something by mistake, and it can throw everything off when it’s realized last minute. If you have any questions, please talk to me or the service area leader.

That being said, we want you to feel equipped to serve! So don’t be afraid to sign up for something new, we are working on scheduling trainings for new volunteers. Hopefully you can find an area that you enjoy serving in!

I want to conclude by saying I know serving can often feel like a burden, but I’ve also seen how much it can be a great way to build relationships, help people feel more involved in the larger body, and be a place to use your talents. And sometimes just practice offering it up :) But seriously, there is no way CCR could function without all of these volunteer service positions, so THANK YOU and also know that your service is very valued!


As always, thank you to everyone who serves in various ways so faithfully!